Privacy Statement

 Personal information provided to List International Realty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") in this document and personal information provided to the Company in the future shall be handled in accordance with the following "Privacy Statement".

Business operator that handles personal information List International Realty Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Hisashi Kitami
Main office: 47 Onoe-cho 4-chome, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Basic policies for the acquisition, use, and provision of personal information The Company shall acquire the personal information of its customers by appropriate means. The Company shall publish, notify and plainly state the purposes for use of the personal information thereof and refrain from handling such information beyond the scope of said purposes without obtaining consent from the concerned customers. Furthermore, the Company shall follow the procedures set in laws in cases where it provides or discloses the personal information of its customers to any third party.
Safety measures for personal information The Company commits to manage and administer the personal information of its customers safely. The Company is taking rational and appropriate safety measures to prevent risks, such as unauthorized access to such information by external parties, the loss of personal information, damages thereto, the destruction, alteration and disclosure thereof, and the illegal leakage thereof to external parties. Furthermore, the Company is making efforts to manage personal information appropriately in the area of the handling thereof, including the establishment of an officer in charge of information management and the specification of individuals authorized to access personal information. At the same time, the Company sets internal regulations for handling personal information known to all its employees by organizing educational and training sessions for employees aimed at helping them understand and share the importance of personal information protection. The Company reviews its appropriate measures associated with the handling of personal information and the safe management thereof, and improve those measures as needed.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

 We will use your personal information (including processed pseudonyms) for the following purposes.

1. Businesses related to construction, such as real estate design, construction execution, post-construction maintenance and remodeling
2. Businesses related to purchase and sale, leasing, management of real estate, as well as, their agency and brokerage service
3. Businesses related to exportation, importation, and sale of housing materials, interior goods, other products related to housing, living and decoration and the like
4. Insurance agency business
5. Businesses related to joint operations with other companies, such as restaurant, bridal, sightseeing, entertainment, and merchandise sales services
6. Businesses and services incidental to or related to each of the business stated above

 The Company uses the personal information of its customers to contact them as needed in connection with the businesses and services stated above, such as sales activities, including the presentation of property information, product information, plans and prices, solicitation and product introduction, execution of real estate construction, post-construction maintenance services and recalls for housing facilities, equipment and the like, research and analysis of customer trends, conditions of use, user environment, products and development of methods, confirmation for accounting audit, and the provision of emergency responses and services based on customer needs, by such means as post mail, e-mail, telephone and visits, in the businesses stated above.

Provision to Third Parties

 The Company may provide the personal information of its customers to third parties by such means that include documents, mail, telephone, Internet, e-mail and advertising media, within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes for use of personal information noted in the foregoing, in addition to disclosing such information in cases where legal requests for the disclosure thereof are received from courts of justice, police or organizations with corresponding authority. The Company will stop providing personal information to such parties based on requests from the concerned customers in such cases.

[Examples of parties to which personal information is provided]
  • Business owners, agents, and brokers in real estate sales
  • Counterparties to contracts of real estate sales and leasing brokerage agency, as well as, pay-by-the-month parking lots. Prospects for such parties, other licensed traders in land and buildings, advertisers, real estate business organizations and designated distribution systems
  • Financial institutions, judicial scriveners, land and house investigators, and real estate managers in operations incidental to or related to real estate transactions
  • Insurance companies, construction subcontractors and the executors of construction work related to housing facilities and equipment
[Personal information items for provision]
Personal information items for provision include personal information and personal data items within the necessary scope to achieve the purposes for using personal information noted in the foregoing, such as the names of customers, their addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, property information and information on concluded contracts.
<Provision to third parties in foreign countries>
*Please refer to the attached table for the privacy protection systems of each country.
The Company may provide the personal information of its customers to the following third parties overseas for the purposes of providing real estate information and informing property leasing and other services used during overseas stays.
[Overseas group companies of List International Realty Co., Ltd.]

The United States of America

The Republic of Singapore

The Republic of the Philippines

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
・List International Realty Limited

The Kingdom of Thailand

 The Company may provide the personal information of its customers to overseas third parties stated above within the necessary scope to achieve the purposes for use of personal information noted in the foregoing in cases where the status of the overseas group companies undergo any change in the future due to corporate establishment, integration or discontinuation. The Company publishes the details of the overseas group companies on its official website when any change occurs.

Joint Use of Personal Information

 We will jointly use your personal information and personal data with the following companies and joint venture companies.

[Scope of joint personal information users]
・List Co., Ltd.
・List Development Co., Ltd.
・List Asset Management Co., Ltd.
・List Homes Co., Ltd.
・List Properties Co., Ltd.
・LisoRea Co.,Ltd.
Other joint enterprises with respective List Group companies
[Purposes for using personal information]
Same as “Purposes for use of personal information” noted in the foregoing
[Personal information and personal data items for joint use]
Personal information and personal data items for joint use include personal information and personal data items within the necessary scope to achieve the purposes for use of personal information noted in the foregoing, such as the names of customers, their addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, property information and information on concluded contracts.
[Party in charge of personal information management]
List Group Personal Information Management Office
List Kannai Bldg., 4-47 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0015
TEL: 0 45-264-9579
・List Group companies may change as a result of their establishment, integration or discontinuation in the future.
・Please note that there may be cases where the personal information of the Company’s customers be transferred due to restructuring of List Group companies (integration or division).
・The Company will take required measures separately in cases where it uses the personal information and personal data of its customers jointly with parties other than List Group companies.
・The details of List Group companies are published on the official website of the Company.

Outsourcing the Management of Personal Information

 The Company may outsource the management of the personal information of its customers to external business operators for reasons that include smooth business execution. In such cases, the Company conducts the appropriate management thereof by choosing outsources with sufficient personal information protection standards and requiring them in contracts to prevent the leakage of the personal information and the provision thereof to any other party.

About Correction of Personal Information

  • If the content of the personal data held by the Company is found to be inconsistent with the facts, the Company will take procedures such as correction or change. In addition, when requesting disclosure or suspension of use of personal data held by the Company, and other questions, opinions, complaints, etc. regarding personal information, please contact the following inquiry window.
    List Group Personal Information Management Office
    Phone number: 045-264-9579 FAX: 045-671-1199
  • Details of procedures for disclosure of retained personal data are posted on the List Group website. Please note that a predetermined fee will be charged for the disclosure of retained personal data.
  • If you wish to stop receiving e-mails sent by us, please contact us at:

For Website Users

・About access log files
We use access log files and image files (clear gif) to investigate the trends of users of this website. Through these, we can obtain statistical site usage information such as IP addresses, domain names, referrer information, etc., but we will not use it for the collection and analysis of personal information.
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・Security of this website
When registering your personal information, we use a special encrypted communication technology called SSL and manage it on a dedicated server protected by a security system called a firewall to prevent unauthorized access and information from outside. We are committed to prevent leaks.
・About updating the privacy statement
We may update the content of this privacy statement. If we update it, we will post it on our website. The date for update is stated on this page, so please check it regularly. In addition, if there is an important change in the content, we will notify you on the website. You have the right to choose when we add or change the purposes for which we use your personal information.
・Privacy opinions, complaints and objections
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 This "Privacy Statement" stipulates under what policy our company acquires, uses, and manages your personal information. The Company recognizes the importance of customers' personal information, and all officers and employees of the Company comply with laws and internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and ensure proper acquisition, use, and management of personal information within the company.It is the paramount inportance, so we handle personal information provided by customers with the utmost care and respond promptly to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information. In addition, we continuously review and strive to further improve and enhance the protection of personal information.

This privacy statement was updated on March 1 2023